When was Abraham Lincoln died

August 20, 2015
From Lincoln s death?
A copy of a hand coloured 1870 lithographic print by Gibson & Co. provided by the U.S. Library of Congress shows John Wilkes Booth shooting U.S. President Abraham Lincoln as he sits in the presidential box at Ford's Theatre in Washington April 14, 1865. Major Henry Rathbone rushes to try to stop Booth as Rathbone's fiancee Clara Harris (L) and first lady Mary Todd Lincoln (2nd L) look on. REUTERS/Gibson & Co./U.S. Library of Congress

Much blood was shed at Ford's Theatre on the night of April 14, 1865, but according to Holzer, very little of it belonged to Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln had a compressed wound in his head and doctors had to stick their fingers in the wound so that he could breathe again. The wound was certainly fatal, doctors said, but there was very little blood. According to Holzer, much of what little blood Lincoln did shed ended up on the dress of Laura Keene, the actress who rushed up from the stage and was said to have cradled the president's head on her lap before doctors arrived.

The man closest to Lincoln when he was mortally wounded, Major Henry Rathbone, would also be attacked by Booth. Rathbone, a military officer who was accompanying the daughter of a senator at the theater, tried to stop the assassin from escaping the presidential box. Instead, Booth slashed Rathbone in the arm with a Bowie knife, opening an artery.

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