What happened after WW2 ended?

June 25, 2016
A P-47 Thunderbolt of the U.S

Almost all people with precious knowledge in administration were nazis. So in reality, Germany looked like this after the war:

This changed end of the 60s when German students at the unis demonstrated and rioted about the old nazis still in power in Germany. Suddenly the younger generation asked their parents about their past, because in school history lessons ended at the . And started again in 1949. Talking about the time in between was a taboo! It was a kind of black hole in German history and was not taught at school! Parents often denied to give an answer. They wanted to forget about it. The industrial undercover nazis built up a strong network in post war Germany helping each other. Kind of Nazi-Linkedin-network.

At the universities there was a motto at the demonstrations: "Unter den Talaren, Muff von Tausend Jahren!" Meaning: "Under the robes there's mold from a thousand years!" (Nazi-Germany was also called the Thousand-years-Empire)

Here you can see German students walking down the stairs holding the banner in front of the rectorate at Hamburg University in 1967. Probably the uni-officials had been nazis as well, as almost everybody in leading positions had a nazi past at that time.

This student movement called "Revolution of 1968" later resulted in the formation of the Red-Army-Faction RAF, which broke havoc in Germany during the 70s and 80s with a climax called "The German Autumn". Some of the members had been students.

The logo of RAF. Although the symbol of guerrilla warfare was the AK47, RAF used the HK MP5 instead. The story behind this curiosity is unknown. My idea: RAF called its way of fighting "urban guerrilla warfare". Maybe HK MP5 is better suited for guerrilla warfare in urban areas than the AK47.

Prominent members of the "First Generation":

-, committed suicide (shooting himself) while imprisoned in single-detention in the max-security-prison Stammheim, killing himself simultaneously with Ensslin and Raspe. -, PhD-student in germanistics and scholarship by The German National Academic Foundation, committed suicide (hanging herself) together with Baader and Raspe.-, lawyer and scholarship by The German National Academic Foundation-, studied chemistry, switched to sociology, committed suicide (shooting himself) together with Baader and Ensslin.-, free journalist, studied philosohy, pedagogics, sociology and germanistic, scholarship by The German National Academic Foundation, committed suicide while in the same prison (hanging herself), there are some conspiracy theories.-, she studied germanistic, tried to kill herself by stabbing in the same prison together with the other three; she survived.

So you can see that these terrorists were not dimwitted at all. Almost all of them had academic background and were awarded with a scholarship for academic excellence! And they radicalized during the student-revolts. They could see how the "fascistic" authorities treated their fellow students during their riots. And now imagine that the people in leading positions at the police had been nazis during The Third Reich. If you had been in their position, what would you have thought? If the judge and the state attorney at court had been nazis, too?

RAF rejected the theory that nazis could revolve back to nice and just democrats. From their point of view, there is no ex-nazi same as there is no ex-CIA-agent nor an ex-catholic.

For more than a decade a series of left-terrorist attacks in Germany and even hijacked airplanes were the result. The German Federal Government was under a huge pressure being just a leap away from a state of emergency. Especially leading managers of German industry and German administration were in their focus (or better cross hairs)., the Public Prosecutor General of the Federal Court of Justice in Germany was assassinated by them. He had joined the nazi party back in 1940.Another prominent victim was . He was President of the Confederation of German Employers' Association and President of the Federation of German Industries. He became member of the nazi party in 1933 (!) and had been Untersturmführer of the SS (Lieutenant). During his career he was responsible for "Acquisition of (forced) laborers" in Czechia. So he was a really "good" confident nazi as he entered NSDAP so early.

The RAF thought the German administration was infiltrated and still led by nazis; Buback and Schleyer were good examples in favor for their theory as both had been nazis! So RAF thought they were fighting German fascism.

In fact, their accusation was right! There were still many nazis in power and they behaved like fish in muddy water. If the Federal Republic of Germany at that time was a "fascist Germany" again is doubtful and the way RAF fought is - as a matter of course - questionable!

Source: www.quora.com
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