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July 4, 2016
Civil War Union Flag

Confederate FlagWhy are Civil War flags interesting? Good question...

Throughout much of history, in time of war, the flag has always been one of the most important pieces of battlefield equipment...

During battle, the Civil War flags gave soldiers a rallying point. When battle was raging, it was impossible for units to stay together or for commanders to know exactly what was going on without the flags. Flags identified groups of men as friend or enemy, and allowed commanders to know what movements were being taken by their various units. When men became separated from their units they could identify their unit by its battle flag, or at least pick out their national flag so that they would know which direction would lead them back to their comrades.

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Confederate Flag

Union Battle

Confederate Battle Flag

Union Flag

Flags also have a major psychological impact in battle as well. This was definitely true of Civil War flags. There was nothing more disgracing for a unit than to lose their battle flag. The loss of this single piece of cloth could totally shatter a unit's morale. On the flip side, capturing an enemy flag was a huge morale boost for a unit.Confederate Battle Flag The importance of the Civil War flags can be seen in the fact that the Union often gave the Medal of Honor to men who captured a Confederate flag or saved their own flags.

"Lastly, — reluctantly, with agony of expression, — they tenderly fold their flags, battle-worn and torn, blood-stained, heart-holding colors, and lay them down; some frenziedly rushing from the ranks, kneeling over them, clinging to them, pressing them to their lips with burning tears. And only the Flag of the Union greets the sky! "

Union FlagIn the Civil War flags section, we will try to give details on a number of flags from the war, while at the same time finding the stories that make each flag unique...

The Union flag during the Civil War went through a few changes. The official policy of the U. S. government was to leave stars representing the seceded Confederate states on the flag. The reasoning behind this decision is quite simple. The Union did not recognize the validity of secession, or see the seceded states as separate entities. Therefore, in the mind of the government, those states had not actually left the country, they were just misbehaving...

Fort Sumter Flag - 33 stars Third National Confederate Flag 2nd. North Carolina Infantry Confederate Battle Flag
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A Civil War Memorial at the Charlottesville, Virginia
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Confederate Symbols of Civil War Divide U.S. 150 Years
Confederate Symbols of Civil War Divide U.S. 150 Years
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