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November 24, 2015
Native American Leaders and

Native American Heritage Month 2015Each November, the Student Life Multicultural Center sponsors programming for Native American Heritage Month (NAHM) which celebrates and educates students, staff, faculty and allies about the diversity within over 562 Nations/Tribes that were here before, during and after contact.

There will be a variety of events including Alternative Thanksgiving, a Thanksgiving alternative/harvest celebration, a highlighted event sponsored collaboratively between the American Indian Council (AIC) and American Indian Student Initiatives (AISI). All programs are held in the Student Life Multicultural Center Alonso Family Room unless otherwise indicated.

Native American History Month 2015 Calendar of Events:

Tuesday, November 3
Frybread Workshop
Morrison Tower
Learn how to make frybread, a Native American bread, and explore the significance and history behind this cultural food. This is a fun and interactive event that includes a frybread demonstration and the opportunity for guests to taste and make their own.

Thursday, November 5
FYE Session: What Does It Mean to be Native American at OSU?
SLMCC Alonso Family Room
Are you interested in learning more about the Native American community at Ohio State? This presentation will explore the unique and complicated identity journey that many Native American students experience while attending college.

November 8-15
Rock Your Mocs 2015
Rock Your Mocs is a fun way to unify Native American, Aboriginal, First Nations, Alaskan Native, and Indigenous Peoples globally through internet social media. Participants are asked to either wear their moccasins or a turquoise awareness ribbon and post a photo of it online in honor of our ancestors and to celebrate Native American Heritage Month. Please post your photos of your mocs or turquoise ribbons using the following hastags: #RYM2015 #ROCKYOURMOCS #ROCKURMOCS #NationalNativeAmericanHeritageDay #Moccasins #Turquoise. And feel free to share your posts with the OSU American Indian Council’s social media accounts on Twitter (@OSU_AIC), Instagram (@osu_aic) and Facebook

Monday, November 9
What's Your Story: Melissa Beard Jacob
SLMCC Alonso Family Room
At What's Your Story? Ohio State faculty, staff and students share personal experiences and perspectives related to social justice, identity and culture. Intercultural Specialist for Native American and Indigenous students, Melissa Beard Jacob, will be sharing her own story.

Tuesday, November 10
Beading Workshop
Morrison Tower
Are you interested in learning more about the tradition and art of Native American beadwork? This workshop will discuss the history behind Native American beading and explore the significance behind varying tribal patterns and colors. Guests will have an opportunity to make a beadwork craft of their own. All beadwork supplies will be provided.

Thursday, November 12
OSU and American Indians: Where, What, and Why?
180 Hagerty
Join American Indian Studies staff and faculty to discuss the Ohio State’s past, present and future relationship with American Indians and its relationship to Indian Country as a designated land grant institution.

Thursday, November 12
AISES Meeting
SLMCC Lobby Area
Join the Ohio State chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) for their bi-weekly meeting. The mission of AISES is to substantially increase the representation of American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, First Nations and other indigenous peoples of North America in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) studies and careers. AISES is the leader in STEM opportunity in Indian Country and has programs available for pre-college, college and graduate students as well as professionals. Members from over 200 tribal nations are represented within AISES, and AISES enjoys the support and parternship of corporate, government, academic, and tribal decision-makers.

Monday, November 16
FYE Session: How to Navigate Native American Student Services at OSU
SLMCC Alonso Family Room
Do you identify as Native American and attend the Ohio State University? This session is designed to help first year, transfer, returning and graduate students navigate Native American campus life. Additionally, students are able to get connected with campus and community resources, have an opportunity to ask questions about the climate on campus, connect with one another, and build community.

Tuesday, November 17
Alternative Thanksgiving
Ohio Union Performance Hall
RSVP Required
Hosted by the Student Life Multicultural Center and the American Indian Council, Alternative Thanksgiving is an open social and political alternative event to the Thanksgiving national holiday. Native American students and allies are invited to learn about the history and traditions of Native American and Indigenous peoples prior to European contact. This year will feature a performance from Sage Bond, a singersong-writer from the Navajo Nation who performs acoustic rock and metal music. This "rockin chick from the rez" recently auditioned for a spot on The Voice and American Idol. RSVP is required for this event to assure enough food. Please RSVP at:

Raced-Based Sports Mascot Discussion and Dreamcatcher Crafting
Wednesday, November 18
Morrill Tower
Learn more about the historical and controversial topic of race-based sports mascots during a presentation and discussion with Intercultural Specialist, Melissa Beard Jacob. There will also be an opportunity to make a Native American dreamcatcher and learn more about its traditional use from an Anishinaabe perspective. Supplies will be provided for the first 30 participants.

Thursday, November 19
Lunch and Learn: Native American Culture
OSU-Lima Campus
Are you interested in learning more about Native American culture? Join Native American and Indigenous Intercultual Specialist, Melissa Beard Jacob, for a presentation on the history of Native American relations in the United States and contemporary tribal relations and customs. In additon, Mrs. Jacob will discuss the Ohio State University's history with the Society of American Indians and all the services and opportunities available to Native American/Indigenous students and allies on the OSU-Columbus campus.

Matinees That Matter
“The Thick Dark Fog”
Thursday, November 19
Heart and Lung Auditorium
473 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210
The Ohio State University Medical Center’s departments of Community Development, Leadership Academy, and Diversity Council have collaborated to develop Matinees that Matter, a purposeful lunch-and-learn program with video and discussion. Matinees that Matter provides a larger learning experience to The Ohio State University community by recognizing the importance of ethnic, racial, and economic disparities of health care in the United States. The program will highlight films set in different ethnic or racial communities, providing a deeper exploration of the ways in which social conditions affect population health. Come and join the conversation. The film for November is The Thick Dark Fog, which is the story of Walter Littlemon, a Lakota author and public speaker, who attended a federal Indian boarding school in South Dakota over 60 years ago. The mission of many of these schools was to “Kill the Man and Save The Indian.” The children were not allowed to speak their language or express their Native culture or identity in any way. This is the story of how Littlemon has confronted his past so that he could renew himself and his community. A Q&A session will follow the screening of the film with moderator Melissa Beard Jacob.

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History of Native American Indians, Documentary - Pt. 1/4
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