U.S. Historical events

September 28, 2015
10 Historical Events Affected

This section features a giant United States history timeline covering the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries with detailed articles about important events, tons of activities and printables, and much more. this section features well over 100 events, many of which include interactive maps and activities.

This section includes biographies on over 20 explorers, explorer route maps, articles on the age of exploration, sea monsters, mythical places like the Fountain of Youth, horrible explorer diseases like Scurvy, and mystical observations like St. Elmo’s Fire. Here you’ll find creative printables and worksheets as well as numerous games and integrated, interactive activities.

This section contains numerous interactive and printable 13 colonies resources and activities. Access huge sections on the colonial regions, the individual colonies, important historical events within the colonies, colonial artisans, and much more.

This section highlights the causes and effects of the Revolution, the battles of the Revolution, the Founding Fathers and people of the Revolution, as well as interesting tidbits such as Revolutionary War Flags, Loyalists versus Patriots, and much more. This popular section features well over 100 printable and interactive, integrated activities. The printables section is one of the best on the site and includes over 30 items perfect for interactive notebooks.

This section highlights the causes and effects of the Civil War, the battles of the Civil War, people of the Civil War, and just about everything else kids need to know about the deadliest war in American history. This section features tons of interactive and printable activities as well as videos and integrated reading comprehension exercises.

This section contains numerous resources for this epic journey including an interactive route map, biographies of Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea, articles on the Corps of Discovery and the expedition’s animal and plant discoveries, videos, interactive and printable activities, and much more.

This section contains interactive trail maps of four major emigrant trails: Oregon, California, Santa Fe, and Mormon. Learn all about the trail landmarks, forts, natural features and life on the trails, as you make your way west using my interactive maps. Whether your searching for gold or land to settle, this section will answer all of your questions and provide valuable information for your school reports.
Nearly 200 biographies written for kids. Many biographies come with interactive activities as well. Choose from presidents, athletes, artists, political figures, explorers, and many, many more.

This section contains an interactive, clickable map that explores the different battles of the French and Indian War, one of the lesser known wars that shaped America’s history. This section also includes biographies on important people in the war, causes and effects, and much more.

The MrNussbaum.com Native Americans section includes interactive maps, tribal profiles, biographies of famous Native Americans, interactive activities, and even an online Totem Pole Maker.

The MrNussbaum.com Pirates section includes numerous interactive pirates maps, pirate profiles, interactive and printable activities, pirate games and descriptions of pirate legends and lore.

The MrNussbaum.com Presidents section includes an interactive guide to America’s 44 presidents, presidential biographies, interactive activities and much more.

The MrNussbaum.com Constitution section features an interactive U.S. Constitution complete with interpretations of each article and amendment. This section also features numerous interactive activities, famous U.S. court cases, and much more.

The MrNussbaum.com Government section features an interactive government exhibit with images and explanations of each of the three branches of governments and each sub-category of the branches. This section includes numerous interactive activities and much more.

This section features an interactive map detailing the major events and battles of the War of 1812. It also features biographies of important people and interactive activities.

This section features an interactive map that details all of America’s territorial acquisitions of the 18th and 19 centuries.

This massive section on America’s 16th president includes detailed descriptions of four parts of Lincoln’s life, numerous reading comprehension exercises, interactive activities, and biographies on members of his cabinet and Mary Todd Lincoln. This is the most comprehensive Lincoln resource for young learners on the internet!

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